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неділя, 19 грудня 2010 р.

Debian: IPSET, TARPIT и т.д. на ядре 2.6.32 и выше

Для тех кто мучается с netfilter-extension и не понимает, что же делать-то ;)
  1. aptitude install module-assistant xtables-addons-source
  2. module-assistant prepare
  3. module-assistant auto-install xtables-addons-source
  4. depmod -a
Всё! Наслаждаемся екстеншенами.

Новые таржеты для iptables:
  • CHAOS: randomly use REJECT, DELUDE or TARPIT targets. This will fool network scanners by returning random results
  • DELUDE: always reply to a SYN by a SYN-ACK. This will fool TCP half-open discovery
  • DHCPADDR: replace a MAC address from and to a VMware host
  • IPMARK: mark a packet, based on its IP address
  • LOGMARK: log packet and mark to syslog
  • SYSRQ: trigger a sysreq over the network (sending a saK over the network looks like a real funny idea ;)
  • TARPIT: try to slow down (or DoS) remote host by capturing the session and holding it for a long time, using a 0-bytes TCP window. Run that on port 25 if you have no mail server to slow down spammers ;)

Новые совпадения (matches) для iptables:
  • condition: match on boolean value stored in /proc/net/nf_condition/name
  • dhcpaddr: match the DHCP Client Host address in a DHCP message
  • fuzzy: match a rate limit based on a fuzzy logic controller
  • geoip: match a packet by its source or destination country
  • ipp2p: match (certain) p2p protocols
  • portscan: try to match port scanners based on packet contents
  • quota2: named counters

3 коментарі:

  1. Сделал по твоей доке, iptables не видит модуля:

    iptables -m ipp2p --help
    /lib/xtables/libxt_ipp2p.so: libxtables.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    iptables v1.4.8: Couldn't load match `ipp2p':/lib/xtables/libipt_ipp2p.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

  2. Ну как бы:
    $ iptables -m ipp2p --help | head
    iptables v1.4.8

    Usage: iptables -[AD] chain rule-specification [options]
    iptables -I chain [rulenum] rule-specification [options]
    iptables -R chain rulenum rule-specification [options]
    iptables -D chain rulenum [options]
    iptables -[LS] [chain [rulenum]] [options]
    iptables -[FZ] [chain] [options]
    iptables -[NX] chain
    iptables -E old-chain-name new-chain-name

    Так что проблема не в этой краткой инструкции.

  3. В wheezy всё стало значительно проще:

    sudo aptitude install xtables-addons-dkms